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Sapphire - build paradise for your reside !

Sapphire Court promises to make your living experience very comfortable with various amenities. Highlt efficient parking, performance area, recreational rooms, areas for senior citizens to unwind themselves, play area for your children, fitness center, library, joggin track, skating ring will be all found in the property where you reside. It;s like having everything under one roof. We build paradise for your reside ! Sapphire intends to make you realize that heaven can be found on earth too! Rameshwaram Group designs its apartments with the belief that quality of the house will showcase the quality of the resident's life. The beautiful architecture could certainly mesmarize you and gives more reasons for your family and friends to envy you. It's just not about building homes, but about creating lifestyles. Our apartments will be marked for the amenities and aesthetics. Sapphire Court will have a mini amphitheatre set up right in the center. Jogger's track, park, play area for children and water fountain will help enhance the exquisiteness of the property. The view from the balcony will be quite enthralling. Sapphire court is situated on 45 M. wide road and is very well connected to the city road network. The entrance will have two gates to provide convenient entry and exit for vehicles simultaneously. The entrance is built in such a way that the security can be very vigilant. If you are looking for a less chaotic parking then we offer you with a very comfortable parking area where you can leave your vehicle without having to worry about getting a space. There is an organized parking space in the building for the vehicles and a seperate guest parking for visitors. We give you a wonderful area for relaxation, where you get to sit and chat with your friends by keeping a look on your children while they will be playing ground. Sapphire Court provides a very spacious open play are a for children.

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Sapphire Court, Near L.P.Savani School, VIP Road, Vesu Surat.